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Supersuit Trio by vwrangler Supersuit Trio by vwrangler
Done mostly for the hell of it, and because I picked up Randall Lloyd's new supersuit expansions. I also picked up Knit Wear from SickleYield and AntFarm. Characters are Caleb M4 by Shimizu, GenX'd to Genesis, in the older green suit preset; Donovan for Genesis by RawArt in one of the new Color Corps presets; Sierra by Forbidden Whispers in one of the Precious Metals presets. (I really love Sierra's morph, especially her faces, and I cannot, I simply CANNOT, with her texture most of the time because of the hands and feet -- although I like the color other than that. Since the Goldie suit comes with both boots and gloves, her texture actually works here. I'll likely not use it very often except under circumstances like this; also, this is the EHSS version, because the Subsurface version did that reptile thing that means you need to alter the shadow samples or shading bias, and I just didn't want to bother.) And holding the center, FWArt Koichi texture with a mix of headmorphs and Lee 6 body, wearing Knit Wear and holding one of the sword canes by Nightshift3D. (The same guy was in "Whatever you're thinking about saying, DON'T." but with different clothes.) BC Rooftopper, also by AntFarm, and BWC Skies lighting and skydome.

I will just note that I did make one relatively small change to the green supersuit preset, and made the chest panel invisible. Other than that, the parts that aren't there now weren't there in the first place (the back is simply scandalous!) and I didn't make any changes at all to the Crimson Color Corps suit on Donovan or the Goldie suit on Sierra. (Well, one major change, but not a material change: in order for the suit to work on G2F, it should go through Transfer Utility rather than Autofit, because it's very heavily morphed, and can't really use a smoothing modifier. The downside to that is that you wind up with several iterations of the Supersuit around. Also, according to Transfer Utility, the bottom is based on the Kids 4 underwear set, of all possible things.) I also wound up using the "fake reflections" version of the suit, rather than the raytraced/"real" reflections because the reflections were so good that between reflecting her forward leg, Donovan's skin, and Donovan's outfit, it looked like she had a massive case of pokethrough everywhere.
Dimples-Bratt Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Say, thanks for all the info on wot characterz were used etc. U iz do a nice jobz here. I iz haz a question, you say U used Caleb M4...iz Supersuitz be useable on V4 and M4???
vwrangler Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, the Supersuit can't be used on M4/V4. I converted Caleb to Genesis using GenX. I didn't realize that I hadn't said that until your question, and I've corrected the information now.
Dimples-Bratt Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sweetz, thankz U for info :D
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