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Steampunk Honorine and Indira (Iray) by vwrangler Steampunk Honorine and Indira (Iray) by vwrangler
So, for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture (because there really weren't any), I got it into my head to see how Phantasmagorical Scenes' Steampunk Streets would work in Iray. I'd already tried two different light setups for 3Delight in Honorine Holmes Investigates - Steampunk Style and I wanted to see what would happen.

The principal shaders/material conversion was the usual "select everything, select every surface, double-click the Iray Uber preset, wait for several minutes while everything converts" process. Once that was done, I did two refinements to the setup. I shifted every surface that was supposed to be glass to the Iray glass shader, and I used Iray Real Light to move the five globe lights to 250 watt mercury vapor. (Well, that sounded steampunky, somehow.) I also added a night HDR as fill support. In a test render, the mercury vapor turned out to be enough to light the entire scene, but since almost a of the lights are to the far right side of the image, the left side of the set -- where the women actually are -- wound up being too dark. Indira was actually reasonably well lit, because of the direction she's facing, but Honorine was almost entirely shadowed, both by Indira and the direction of the light. Since one entire side of the set is open, I had the HDR set to environment blur, but clearly, not as blurry as I thought it would be. (I also retained the point and spot lights that are part of the original lighting scheme, and at some point, I may figure out how to reset them so that the effect of having them all on isn't simply blinding overlighting.) For long term use, probably need to cut the output of the Mercury vapor lights in half, so that it will be a little moodier, and a little less "clean well lighted place.

One interesting thing that the Iray render captures that the 3Delight renders didn't: Indira's sari scarf is actually relatively lightweight silk. I changed absolutely nothing about it, aside from the shift to Iray Uber, and this is the first time it's rendered as at all translucent.

As far as the characters go, I'd set Honorine up for Iray earlier. She also got rebuilt from the neck down this time; it turns out that the V4 shape is incompatible with some of the morphs I wanted to use, so from the neck down, she's about 50% Monique and 50% Olympia. Indira only had the default Iray Uber conversion. One thing I did discover, somewhat to my annoyance, is that the DA Revolver poses by DesignAnvil are designed for women wearing very high heels, which Indira is not. There's no other way to explain that curve in her back, which, looked at in closeup, kind of looks like it hurts. I do with there were some "no heels" poses in that group.

I've no idea how long this took to render. Once I got it set up, I set it for 15,000 seconds, 98% convergence, and went to bed. It was done in the morning.

Daz Studio, Iray render, No postwork except logos.
DesignAnvil Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015
Thanks for the mention, the curve in the back is more about centre of gravity then any effect of high heels. From nearly all of my reference images I used when creating the pose set, the female form tends to curve the spine when lifting a heavy object like a gun or even two guns to shoulder height. A straight back looks a little unnatural as there is no offset in weight distribution to account for two heavy handguns held up and extended from the body. Have a look for yourself search for woman gun in google images.

Great pic also! I like the lighting and the characters are awesome!
vwrangler Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

For what it's worth, I did as you suggested, but ... the results kind of made my point. Almost every image either cropped from the waist up or higher so that you couldn't see the back anyway, or else the guns were MUCH larger than even the pepperpots Indira is holding, or the women were wearing heels. (Purely a side note: I did not realize there was such a fetish for images of scantily clad women shooting guns. Wow.) I'm not saying that the spine doesn't curve; I'm saying that when you add heels to whatever the natural curve is, you wind up with a noticeably stronger curve.

In any event, it's a great pose set, regardless!
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