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Honorine Holmes Investigates - Steampunk Style by vwrangler Honorine Holmes Investigates - Steampunk Style by vwrangler
In which Honorine Holmes and Indira Watson investigate nefarious goings on at the ... whatever this is.

The only postwork on either image, apart from caption and logo, is fixing one small spot of pokethrough.

Honestly, I've wanted to do steampunk Honorine/Indira for a while. Though I did think it would involve a blimp. (Well, I do have three of them.) And then sith-kitten mentioned some problems with the lighting in Phantasmagorical Scenes' Steampunk-Streets, which I have, and I decided that was as good an excuse as any. (Also, really liking the idea of Dr. Watson, deceptively-well-dressed and well-armed BAMF.) Both transferred to G2F via GenX2.

The bottom render uses the Bright UberEnvironment set that comes with Steampunk-Streets; the top uses Serene Scene Advanced Lights.  The Bright Uberenvironment lights are slightly less bright than Serene Scene -- though I think if Honorine and Indira weren't so dark, and if Honorine wasn't wearing dark colored clothes, it would proabably have been OK. There are two less bright light presets that come with Steampunk-Streets that I didn't try, because this really was the outer edge of how dark you could get in that set and still see detail on Honorine at all. One surprising thing about the Uber light set is that it renders fast; the lower image took about 20 minutes. That said, the speed, I suspect, is deeply problematic. The artifacting in the Uberenvironment-lit image is kind of horrifying if you look at it in any detail. The shadow samples need to be either increased or decreased (I never remember which gives better renders -- this is set at 32) and it needs a much lower shading rate -- probably somewhere around .3 or .2. My computer, when I use Uberenvironment, usually turns out pretty good renders with a shading rate between .8 and .5, but those settings didn't work this time.

The Serene Scene presets, more or less accidentally, almost duplicated the light appearance from the Uber set. Weird thing: normally Advanced Lights render much faster than Uberenvironment. In this case, they rendered MUCH slower. Upper image took about an hour. But, that said, the upper image is much much MUCH better, at the same shading rate and shadow samples settings. (And, seriously, it's pretty rare that I drop shading rate to .3 or lower; I like images that render ... you know, in my lifetime.)
kittenwylde Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow, the difference in textures is amazing! I noticed a minor change in the walls on mine, but this is rather shocking. Okay then, I guess it's Advanced Lights for the Steampunk Streets from now on. :D
I really like their outfits. Such lovely crime solvers! Thanks for taking the time to do the experiment.
vwrangler Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem; it was fun to do!
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