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Just a note to let people know that, while I do try to answer most comments, favorites, and such, I'm kind of terrible at it, so don't be surprised if it takes a while.



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Eh. Parallel construction and all that. Besides, the male version of the "Catherine of Aragon" problem is much less severe, because so much less got produced for M4. Still there, but not anything to lose sleep over, and it's not as if the Poser people will (or even can) consider Genesis 3 at this point.


Genesis 3 Male. (The text isn't really any different from when it was just the female figure, but he's in the images now, and I don't think he was before, since he didn't exist yet.)

Michael 7.

Associated Image: (NSFW FOR NUDITY) G3M: The new guys, first wave

I will admit, the only thing that surprised me on the timing was that it was a Tuesday release, and that only a little. I fully expected him to arrive this week -- M6 arrived on November 19 two years ago (which also would have been Tuesday, come to think of it) -- but I did expect him to arrive on Thursday so that they could give their staff a break after two consecutive major sales. Apparently, not an issue.

I will admit to being genuinely startled that there is not only a dark skinned character in the pro bundle, but also a separate dark skinned character by Raw Art. It took a while before a vendor released one for G3F, and that was Adrienne G3 by Nathy at Renderosity.  Kelly for V7 by Raiya didn't come out until August 22 (G3F herself was out on June 23) and there still is not a Daz Originals dark skinned G3 Female.

I will also admit to being startled that Daz apparently listened when people complained about the presentation on store pages of Ryze and other non-white characters in the previous generation. Neither character has main promo images showing them as tribal characters. In fact, as far as I can tell, neither of them has tribal paint textures as an option. I hope that doesn't hurt their sales. (I have absolutely no idea how popular tribal options were. I'm guessing that maybe the gap, if needed, will be filled by vendors like V3Digitimes, who included such options with her Darius and Monique presets for Amazing Skins.) Mind, I will be startled if Aiko 7, Lee 7 and Mei-Lin 7 aren't presented in an ... Orientalesque manner. (Assuming the last two, or some variety of those, comes along -- Aiko is a dead-certain guarantee, I'd think. And yes, the word "Orientalesque" was used deliberately and advisedly.)

G3M/M7 doesn't have the "moob" issue that plagued G2M throughout his development. According to Zev0, this time, Daz reduced the number of polygons in the chest area, which they didn't do with G2M when he was developed from G2F, acknowledging that he didn't generally need the polygons to create breasts. Mind, I think that's going to create some issues for things like RawArt's upcoming Massive morph or any other morphs that aim for a lot of muscle, or something like Sickleyield's Big Boys Genesis, where "moobs" are entirely appropriate. (Yes, I know that's not likely to be redone for G3M, and it makes me the tiniest bit sad.)

The final moments of startlement were provided by the new M7 Genitalia. (Yes, technically, Genesis 3 Male genitalia, but since you have to get M7's Pro Bundle to get them, they might as well be called that. I do wonder if they include genital textures for characters not in pro bundles, if Daz or the vendor makes them. I've always bought the pro bundles for the guys, so I wouldn't know. But I digress.) Actually, not one, not two, but THREE moments of startlement!

The first was that the new dingus has bones. More bones than the G2M genitalia. (No, I'm not making any puns here.) It's actually a bit shorter in its default state than the G2M genitals -- which, yes, is more realistic, but I still want to call it "li'l Stubby" now. However, the penis now has seven bones for posing, as opposed to the four bones in the G2M genitals. Moreover, each testicle has its own bone for movement. I am a bit puzzled as to why the circumcised/uncircumcised option is a switch, rather than a slider. That is one of the things I expect someone at Renderotica to address fairly quickly, if they can.

The second moment of startlement was that the new dingus includes an erection morph. It's not called that, of course. It's called "Default Pose". But the default pose is dialed to 100%, well, by default. When you dial it back to 0% ... well. The obvious happens. Li'l Stubby gets downright perky, he does!

The third, and final, moment of startlement is that Daz continues to acknowledge that Everybody Poops.

On the whole, G3M/M7 looks like a really good set.

Further developments as experimentation warrants.



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