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Just a note to let people know that, while I do try to answer most comments, favorites, and such, I'm kind of terrible at it, so don't be surprised if it takes a while.
So I'm going to try to do something this month, and we shall see how it succeeds or fails. What I'm going to try to do is to put up a quick and dirty (relatively speaking) render of whatever I bought within a day or so of buying it.

See, here's the thing. I have a bad bad habit of buying stuff in these sales and then sitting there and thinking, "...OK, now what?" And a kind of surprising amount of stuff kind of ... never gets used. Or it hangs out and doesn't get used for AGES until something reminds me that it's there. As mentioned in the image about the wet maps, I bought the Michael4 02 Texture set back when I got the Michael 4 Pro Bundle, and then never used it. I'm sure I've got stuff from the last PA sale that I haven't touched. So I want to make sure that stuff gets used at least once, just so I can say that I did. (Also, maybe seeing them listed out will help me control my spending ... yeah, never mind that one.)

It is, of course, hoped that there may be clothes purchased sometime during the month.

First image using products from the sales is already up. I'll try to remember to update this entry, just to have a list.

(You realize this resolve is going to last two, maybe three days, right? Just so long as we're on the same page.)

Days 1-4: Jason in the garden of ... something (FWArt Jason, Predatron everything; not shown: Amazing Skins, Sci-Fi Crew Quarters.)

Days 1-5: LNSFA: How'd you like to see my ... artifacts? (Stonemason Sci Fi Crew Quarters, V3Digitimes Amazing Skins; Maclean's Everyday Display Cases); Boris and the Amazing Skins (Amazing skins, Flanders Poppy)

Day 6: Whatever you're thinking about saying, DON'T (LY Brynn, Joe Quick's ExtraOrdinary Men for G2M and Jaunty clothes[!], Predatron's Plants Pack 1, BWC Skies 2 with Advanced Lights)

Week 2, days 1-5(ish): Rien!

Week 2, day 6(ish): "Déjeuner sur l'encadrement de collines herbeuses et des fleurs" or, alternatively, "La belle dame sans regret avec ses boytoys"
- Skin Builder by Zev0 and Draagonstorm (both men)
- Manly for Gianni 6 by Male-M3dia (both men)
- Phoebe's Finery shaders and Fabulous Stripes shaders by Fisty (the woman's clothes)
- Galadriel Hair by EmmaAndJordi (her hair)

Week 2, day 7(ish): LNSFA: The thing before the party before the thing (Nox Aeterna)

Second weekend: Stuff which doesn't count because it was a catch-up sale, and nothing I bought was punchable. (First Bastion's Sci-Fi Quarters, Kibaretto's Luxury Star, and the Fighting Poses will all be seen later in LNSFA anyway.)

Week 3, day 1: Nothing!

Week 3, day 2: Nothing!

Week 3 day 3: ... I'm so sorry. So very sorry. "You did this to me!" (Leather Fantasy Armor for G2F).



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Thx for faving. :peace:
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V3Digitimes Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hi VWrangler and thank you for the watch!
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You're welcome! I've enjoyed your products and look forward to seeing what you come up with next!
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Wow! Thanks a lot this is really nice... What's coming next?.... Surprise (I won't tell or it would not be a surprise any more!)
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Thanks so much for the fave of x-tech. :)
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